Toronto City Church

It’s Time to Build an Altar

June 6, 2019
In this message Pastor Brendan kicks off the ALTAR’D: 21 Days of Transformation Campaign by encouraging the TCC Family to surrender our lives as sacred, living sacrifices.

SERIES: ALTARDOUR MISSION: to be a SPIRITUAL FAMILY where every person encounters God’s unconditional love, is empowered in their identity and equipped and engaged for their purposePractical Application:21 Days of Transformation Commitments1)Fasting-to abstain from something -with a particular focus on seeking GodFasting doesn’t change God... it changes usJesus said “when you fast..."(Matt. 6:16)Fasting is powerful because:1)It ’tunes’ you in to hear God2)It is a denial of the flesh3)When combined with prayer it is a catalyst for breakthough and change (Matt.17:21)There are a number of different types of fasts:Juice Fast (drink only liquids), DanielFast (eat only fruits and vegetables), Partial Fast (fast daily until dinner or fast lunch), Media Fast (fast TV, internet, social media)2)PrayerJesus said “when you pray"(Matt. 6:5)We are called to be a house of prayer(Matt. 21:13)When you combine prayer and fasting in obedience to the Lord powerful things happenSet aside time to pray daily and prioritize our worship and prayer gatherings on Friday nightsWhat if the key to stepping into what God has for you in 2019 is found in going deeper in the place of prayer?3)Reading the Wordof GodThere is something powerful about digging into the Word of GodThe Word of God is living and active and sharperthan any two edged sword (Heb. 4:12)I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you (Ps119:11)Right at the foundation of being a Christian is digging into the Word of God4)We will have a daily “Video Devotional” to help us stay connected and engaged -5 minutes per dayWant to get more plugged into Toronto City Church? Here’s4simple ways:1)Join a Connexion Group2)Start serving in a Ministry3)Get involve in our GROW Track (Restarting 2019)4)Get involvedin Prayer

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